Victorian Archival Treasures

Discover the stories attached to rare and interesting original documents, maps and photographs from the state’s archives at Public Record Office Victoria.

  • Indigenous Victorians – Examine the early interaction between Government and Indigenous people in Victoria
  • Early Melbourne – Discover how the Port Phillip was illegally settled by Batman and Fawkner and why the 1860 Burke and Wills expedition was both a triumph and a tragedy.
  • Ned Kelly – See unique Kelly documents including the only existing letter written by Ned Kelly himself.
  • Criminals – Examine two sensational cases in Victorian legal history – the notorious 1920s gangster ‘Squizzy’ Taylor and the Colin Ross case.
  • Victorian Democracy – Learn how gold miners of the 1850s helped to shape Victoria’s democratic future.
  • Victorian Buildings – A showcase of the range of architectural plans for public buildings throughout Victoria.
  • Victorians on Holiday – Tourism posters of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s convey with striking graphics and imagery the allure and appeal of travelling in Victoria. Victorians at Work – These photographs provide insights into industry, innovation, community life, and changes in the nature of work since colonial times.
  • Find Your Family at PROV – Public Record Office Victoria holds many different kinds of records that can provide helpful information if you are researching your family's history.