Tour the Historic Executive Council Chamber

15 - 21 May at 2:30pm

The Old Treasury Building has housed the city offices of the Governor of Victoria for over 150 years. Since occupation of the building in 1862, the Executive Council has held weekly meetings in the Executive Council Chamber to give vice-regal assent to legislation passed by the Parliament.

During Law Week 2017 the Old Treasury Building is offering exclusive tours of this Executive Council Chamber. Find out more about the role of the Governor and this historic building on this exciting tour. View the exquisite furniture, most of which is original to the building in the 1860s, including the prestigious suite of the Executive Council, believed to have been crafted by Ernest Altmann & Co.

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Reconstructing Melbourne’s Lost Environments

Sunday 2 July 2017 at 2:30pm – 3:30pm

In the midst of contemporary Melbourne it is difficult to imagine how it might have looked in 1836 when Europeans arrived. Is it possible to reconstruct those ‘lost environments’ of the past? What clues can be found in the historical record to guide historians? Dr Gary Presland is an archaeologist and historian with a fascination for environmental history.

The author of 'The Place for a Village: How Nature has Shaped the City of Melbourne (2008)', Presland is a wonderful guide to such documentary treasures as Robert Hoddle’s field notebooks from the 1830s and forties.

Presented as part of Rare Book Week.

FREE TALK, BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. Bookings via Eventbrite.