Old Treasury Building houses several exciting permanent exhibitions, as well as temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Wild Colonial Boys: Bushrangers in Victoria

This exhibition will reveal the long history of bushranging in Victoria, with some new and little-known characters from our frontier past. Meet the first bushrangers convicted in 1842 who were tried and executed publicly as an example to others. And the audacious gang who held up travellers on St Kilda Road in the 1850s.

On display until August 2017.

The Melbourne Panorama

View the restored and re-installed historic photographic panorama, one of the most fascinating and popular interpretative features on display at the Old Treasury Building. This 360 degree photographic panorama of the City of Melbourne was taken from the top of  the Parliament building in 1862. This vista is to be juxtaposed with an exact panoramic replica of Melbourne in 2013.

Victorian Archival Treasures

Discover the stories attached to rare and interesting original documents, maps and photographs from the state’s archives at Public Record Office Victoria.

Built on Gold

See the Old Treasury Building vaults which were used to store the gold bullion mined during the gold rush. The vaults now host a multimedia exhibition Built on Gold which follows the journey of Victorian gold from the diggings, as it passes through the hands of gold buyers, escort troopers and occasional bushrangers. 

Growing up in Old Treasury

Experience the lives of John Maynard (the Old Treasury’s caretaker), his wife and their eight children who lived in the Old Treasury Building from 1916-1928. Walk through the living rooms of their home, faithfully recreated from family records and recollections.  

JJ Clark

The Treasury Building was the first of many major government buildings designed by John James Clark. He was commissioned to design the building in 1857, at the age of nineteen.  

The Governor

Australia is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. The Queen is formally Australia’s head of state and is represented by the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and by a Governor in each Australian state.


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